Wednesday, September 14, 2005
I have mentioned on here several times that I “do” Flylady.  The number one rule to Flylady is there’s no whining, so I don’t whine…out loud.  I have been whining in my head a lot though because I felt like I was doing something I should be ashamed of (I’ve never mentioned Flylady to Husband) and I felt like I had to do the same things over and over before I could move onto something new because Son and Husband don’t “cooperate.”  Well, last night and this morning there was a breakthrough, of sorts.

I have class until 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday evenings.  I get to come home from work and have supper before going to class, and last night I didn’t have time to clean up before class.  I came home last night walked straight to the dishwasher expecting to load it up and lo and behold it was full of dirty dishes and the sink was empty and the stove was clean.  I have never felt such happiness and told Husband that he had no idea how appreciative I was to find this!  LOL

Almost every morning I empty the kitchen trash bin and put it outside by the front door to grab on my way to the car.  It’s just one of my routines I’ve established that keep the bin empty and stink free.  This morning Husband grabbed it on his way to his car and tossed it!  Woohoo!

We always had a maid when we were growing up and all I had to do was make my bed and make sure my dirty clothes were in the hamper every day.  The maid would leave our clean clothes on our bed and we had to put them up.  I never learned how to keep a clean house.  Now that I know “how” to do things it doesn’t bother me to do them.  I actually look forward to “blessing” my house on Saturday mornings (instead of Monday, like Flylady).

So, I’m curious.  Do you fly?  If you’ve tried and it didn’t work, why?

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