Tuesday, September 13, 2005
So, I had my job review yesterday, and

It looks like I’m keeping my job.  After all, on the day Boss told me about the changes he was making, he ordered me a new computer with a spiffy flat screen monitor and everything, so says he.

After that the review went something like this:

Me     For the past two weeks I had been coming to work with the “today I’m getting fired” feeling in my stomach.

Cue eye rolling from Boss

Boss:  You’re not getting fired; I have a lot for you to do.  

Me:  Can you please give me an idea of what I would be doing when the 2 cases I have end?  

Boss:  I’ve taken on 3 new cases this month.  

Me:  Did you not tell me you weren’t going to do that anymore?  

Boss:  Yes.  But it seems I have to pay the bills.  I also have a lot of scut work that needs to be done.

Me:  I don’t mind scut work but I don’t want to become scut-work-girl for the office.

Boss:  No problem, ain’t going to happen; however I should warn you that Other Lawyer is not happy that I spent the money on a computer for you.  Other Lawyer doesn’t think it’s needed.  Other Lawyer doesn’t know everything I do.  

(other talk about what Other Lawyer and C do, etc.)

Me:  Is there anything that you’re not happy with, or want me to change the way I’m doing?

Boss:  When you came to work here it was as an intern.  I realize you’re still in school and keep that in mind, but I really only have one complaint.  You need to write things down more.

Me:  What kind of things?

Boss:  I understand you’ve had a problem, because you don’t have a computer, but I want to see more memorandums from you.  I know you tell me everything but I have a horrible memory because I have so many things on my mind.  Take for instance the XXXX matter.  I know you did a thorough review of all the documents for a defense, but I don’t remember anything you told me you found.  

Me:  I gave you a memo on it.  

Boss:  Yes, I do remember that, but I don’t remember what was in it.  I know I can go back and read it though.  I should be the one reviewing all those documents but I depend on you to do it since I don’t have the time.  

Me:  No problem.  I foresee lots of memorandums in your future.  What about the rest of the things you wanted done?  I have completed everything you mentioned except going through the regular files.

Boss:  Yes, I’ve noticed that.  I haven’t had time to go through my office.

Me:  If you don’t do your thing, I can’t do my thing.  May I make a suggestion?

Boss:  Go for it.

Me:  Can you block 30 minutes on your calendar every day for the rest of this week to do your thing?

Boss:  No, I’m booked solid.

Me:  Then I’m going to tell D to not schedule you any appointments on Thur or Fri and then to block off 30 minutes every day next week.  I’m going to pester you about this.  You realize that don’t you?

Boss:  Is this review over?

Me:  One more thing, and I’ll quit torturing you for today.

Boss:  You’re smiling; this is going to hurt isn’t it?

Me:  3 months ago I asked you about a raise and you told me to remind you when I’d been here a year.  August 20 was a year.  So I’m reminding you today.

Boss:  Well, I just gave D a raise (I’m thinking:  on top of making her full time, great I’m not getting a raise) so yes, you will get a raise, but you’ll have to wait until the middle of October.  Remember OL isn’t happy.

Me:  Okay.  Anything else?

Boss:  I want you to become liaison on the “F” case.  I need to get a …..

No need to get into the humdrum stuff of that conversation.  I went out to follow up on why the computers aren’t here and was told they should be here any day.  

Boss and I get along really well.  He’s a very personable person and I really like working for him, which is one of the main reasons I don’t want to lose my job.

As an aside he made a comment that the “other two” probably wouldn’t be happy that I was getting the flat screen monitor, but “I don’t care.”  He’s concerned about my small workspace and he wants me to figure out a way to install a keyboard “holder.”  I have very little room as it is.  On the desktop are the phone, a legal sized tray and a regular size tray.  There’s barely room for me to spread out a file and now that there’s going to be a computer monitor on the desk I have no idea how I’m going to spread a file.  I talked to Husband about that last night and he suggested I just ask Boss to buy me a new desk. He said for $120 he knows I can get one at Ikea!  LOL  I wish my personal “old” desk wasn’t so wide, or I’d haul that in there to work on.  It would stick out like a sore thumb being that it’s glass.
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