Sunday, July 03, 2005
Happy 4th of July Weekend
Isn't it amazing how a one day celebration can turn into 3? I've been wished "Happy 4th of July" since Friday, and I love it. I'm a red, white and blue patriot and love taking advantage of the independence afforded me by my forefathers (and Husband).

I've been spending my weekend doing happy things like buying more dirt for my containers out front, working on my patriotic whisky barrel, dusting, laundry, watching a great NASCAR race, grilling some carne asada, moving some furniture around in my stash room and stitching on Shepherd's Bush Americana Scissor Fob. Doesn't that all sound like something to celebrate!?!?! All rather diversified! And the wonderful thing is I still have two more days to celebrate.

Today ther will be a good old fashion American meal of pot roast, new potatoes and carrots with a new cake recipe, Pineapple Chiffon. I also plan on continuing to work in my yard, in my room and stitch. The laundry is still screaming and Bandit needs a bath and pedicure. The way things are right now, come Tuesday evening, I'll be dead tired from all my celebrating!
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