Saturday, June 18, 2005
It's been a very productive Saturday
That's something I haven't had in a very long time. It's great not having to go to class on Saturday.

While Husband was doing his bicycle triathlon training this morning I stitched to a 2nd Season episode of Farscape. Just a lovely way to get the day going. After that we hit the road.

Our first stop was my LNS where I picked up the bellpull hardware for Chatelaine's Magnolia and the latest issue of SANQ. Next we headed to Cingular where Husband wanted to buy a new Razr phone (I bought one a month or so ago), but they were closed and we've decided to find a new "dealer" since this one is not open when they advertise they are. After that Husband bought a new bedside table and I fell in love with a bunch of beautiful French Country pieces at our local Bassett store.

The last stop of the day was at Lowe's where we purchased some lanscaping plants and 4 ceiling fans. After a late lunch we installed 2 of them; one in our bedroom and one in the living room. It will be great having moving air in the house now, since we don't have A/C.

We'll probably be planting tomorrow after Father's Day breakfast and a trip to the grocery store.

Right now we're grilling chicken and I've already made a salad.

I decided to hop on line to see what's up (while waiting on the chicken) and discovered the county fair competition results are in and I am estatic to see that I received 1st place for my Silver Lining Jackie's Purple Iris and 2nd place for my Mirabilia Spring Queen. This is the first time I've ever entered any type of competition and I was not expecting any type of reward. Just feeling confident enough in my stitching to enter was a huge step for me. I've already started planning next year's entries ;) I'll post pictures as soon as I can.
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