Friday, June 17, 2005
I'm still around

Strong - Silent and often mysterious, you don't mind being by yourself. You can get things done on your own and don't like anyone to bother you. You are more artistic than given credit for.

What Faerie Personality Are You?

I caved. My boss "brow-beat" me into signing up for a summer class. It really is a very important class and while I really didn't want to take a class this summer, I caved when I saw it was being taught by my Litigation professor. She was not supposed to be teaching anymore since she was taking over as president of the county Bar Association, so I was thrilled to see she's teaching this summer. So, get ready to hear me whine about Torts and Personal Injury ;)

And one more thing! Husband bought a '91 Jeep Wrangler today. To keep the peace he's paying for the rest of my college this next year. He does not know this yet!
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