Saturday, May 14, 2005
Lazy, lazy me!
I cannot believe I slept until 8:30 this morning! I feel like 1/4 of my day is gone already! LOL By this time on a Saturday I have already finished some homework, washed 2-3 loads of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, made breakfast, had 2 cups of coffee, read all my cross stitch boards, played with Bandit and am in the shower.

So far today, I've finished one load of laundry, am on my 2nd cup of coffee and not even half way through my cross-stitch boards.

Husband is just out the door for his training ride this morning. We're headed to see Sahara when he gets home. We went to Sin City Thursday night and that has to have been the worst movie I sat all the way through! Awful, awful! Husband enjoyed it.

The NASCAR race is this afternoon, so we won't be doing any running around like I wanted. I really need to get to the nursery and look at pots for the front yard, but I guess that will wait until tomorrow.

Here's a bit of fun for a Saturday afternoon:

Your Taste in Music:

80's Rock: Highest Influence
Classic Rock: Highest Influence
80's Pop: High Influence
90's Rock: High Influence
Country: High Influence
Progressive Rock: High Influence
80's Alternative: Medium Influence
90's Alternative: Medium Influence
90's Pop: Medium Influence
Adult Alternative: Medium Influence
Punk: Medium Influence
90's R&B: Low Influence
Hair Bands: Low Influence
Ska: Low Influence
How's" Your Taste in Music?
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