Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Can you really make the world stop turning?
I'm freaking out. Literally. Not sleeping or when I do sleep I'm having awful not getting my coursework done dreams. The stomach stress monster is back. I need everything to slow waaaaaaaaaaay down!

I hate writing and I have a paper due Saturday. I have all my case law downloaded, and almost all of it highlighted. I just need to start writing. I understand what I'm writing about, I have an opinion, a question of law, etc., I just can get that first word down. Wail!

My math professor threw a wrench in my plans yesterday by announcing he was moving our final quiz up to Friday, instead of on next Monday as first announced. This is what is freaking me out since I had planned on having my non-class day of Thursday to finalize my thoughts on paper, have my boss read it on Thursday afternoon, and make any necessary changes on Friday to turn in on Saturday morning. Now I have to study for a frellin' math test and my thoughts right now are 'screw that!'

So now I'm back to going to bed late and getting up at 5 a.m. I just keep telling myself to survive until Saturday. After Saturday it's really all downhill. As right now it's 18 days until collapse.
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