Thursday, May 05, 2005
Something attacked my Bandit this morning
We are not exactly sure what it is, but he has 3 wounds. One looks like a perfect plug pulled out of his fur about an inch from his backbone on the right side, one is a scrape on his left flank and the other is a small puncture/deep scratch on the left side of his muzzle.

Sound asleep, 4:00 a.m. and my baby is squawking to high heavens. Husband is running down the hall and I'm trying not to kill myself to get there too. Husband meets him just as he comes in his doggy door, brings him into the bedroom where I start searching. He's wimpering, shaking and stinks!

After about a half hour of doctoring, inspecting, and fawning (and one point of me having to put my head between my knees) we finally turn the lights back out and the 3 of us sort of lay there the rest of the morning until the alarms go off. In the light of day we think it may have been a cat. There are a couple around here that are as large as Bandit.

He's snuggled in his bed beside me right now chewing on a greenie, but when he went out this morning he had his nose to the ground for half an hour. He's not his normal jump up on you self and that has me worried, but Husband thinks he's just sore where he got hurt.

We don't think he needs a vet, but I'm home all morning and Husband said he'd take the afternoon off to watch him. Having a 'baby' in the house is so much fun! NOT. I'm a natural worry wart, and so you can imagine my mindset right now.

My vacation from work has been approved. I'll be headed to Texas and Louisiana come June 2. My mom is estatic. We're going to take my car, so we'll be packing light. This way I know I can't buy a ton of stuff while I'm there, since I don't have a trunk to bring it back in. And no, I'm not even thinking "mail." I'm also going to haul my mom to a framers to get Nantucket Rose framed. She's had it for at least 4 years and it's been rolled in a drawer all that time.

How many contractions did I use? LOL
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