Monday, May 09, 2005
The day after a wonderful weekend
What is it with women who expect their husbands to gift them on Mother’s Day? I see this complained about so much the day after. You are NOT your husband’s mom…or if you treat him as if you were, you’re doing yourself a huge disfavor. If you expect a gift, expect it from your children! I have ever only “expected” a gift from Husband when Son was very little. Once Son reached an age where he could create or pick out something on his own, I didn’t expect anything from Husband anymore. Now saying that, I always buy something for Husband on Father’s Day. Is that weird, or what?!?

Yesterday was sooooooo nice! I love spending time doing ‘nothing’ with Husband. He wanted to take me out to breakfast for Mother’s Day but I asked that we do it at lunch instead, since I didn’t want to rush around the house. We got to the Commissary as soon as it opened and were back home and I had the groceries put away by 11:30. I let him choose where we had lunch, since we tend to go to the same places, I had complete faith in him :) We had lunch at Chili’s. There are so many wonderful things to choose from, but I decided on a hamburger and fries, so I could share the leftovers with Bandit.

After lunch we walked over to Barnes and Nobles. I can spend forever in that place. He was looking for a triathlon-training log and in addition to that we purchased a couple of arts and crafts and bungalow home books. We’re going to seriously start looking for a house as soon as his reenlistment is approved.

Next up was a trip to where Son works to look at the futons they have. Let me just admit here to being skeptical to purchasing a futon for my room before I went. I remember the futons from the early 80’s, those flimsy, cheapie looking things. Well, surprise to me, they’ve changed!

I fell in love with one and now my plans to decorate my room/office have changed a bit. Think late 1800s sleeping porches, bead board, and antique roses fabric with pink and sage. The change will increase my budget and I won’t be able to do it all at once, but it’ll happen before the end of July ;) The nice thing is my current cabinets will ‘work’ with the new bed until I can get the new cases purchased and set up. I’m more excited than ever!

And back to where Son works for a moment. The woman he works with told me he was handsome, polite, and very well spoken, the customers like him and she really enjoyed working with him. What better compliment to receive on Mother’s Day?

The last stop we made was at Lowe’s where I tried to find some more landscaping materials. Husband got our trellis up and the jasmine planted on Saturday afternoon and it’s going to look really nice. I want to tie that and my hanging baskets in with something in front of the house. I’m thinking redwood planters with something white and purple. I couldn’t find the planters. So next weekend we’re heading over to Armstrong’s. I hate it when I know what I want but can’t find it.

I tried to call my mom yesterday but got no answer at home and only her voice mail on her cell phone. She'll be receiving something from me today as well as the surprise news that I'll be home the first of June.

Bandit is almost back to normal. He’s going to have a couple of small scars, and he still has some bruises you can see on his pink skin. I did very well treating his worst place (where the skin was pulled away from him) and he’s his happy jumpy, get into everything, self. He does growl first when he pokes his head out his doggie door, and he doesn’t like going out in the dark, but we’ve been leaving the patio light on and closing his doggie door at night.
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