Wednesday, May 04, 2005
I are almost a graduate!
Last night I came home from school with my cap and tassel.

Today I am 6 pages down with 4-14 more to go on my final Contemporary Legal Issues paper. The 6 pages do not include my Points and Authorities, so I am closer to the amount of pages I need, than I know. Right now I am not worried about P&As. I have every confidence I will be completely finished with it by tomorrow barring some strange tragedy.

I am no longer stressing about the math test I probably will not get to study a ton for. I will deal. I always do.

I just deleted 8 contractions from those tiny paragraphs. Imagine how many I have to hunt down in my paper. No contractions allowed, and I love to use them.

I have not seen Son in 3 days, Husband hyperextended his knee playing soccer, Bandit is getting into everything and the BumbleZee is ready to be picked up tomorrow morning.
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