Thursday, May 05, 2005
Update on 5/5/5
Thanks for the hugs and well wishes for us as well as Bandit. He's rather clingy, which is fine with me. Husband refuses to throw any toys for him to chase since he thinks he needs to recouperate some more, and he's right since we're trying to get the hole to dry up. Whatever got him pulled his skin so air got trapped inside...hard to explain, but we had to press it out of the hole and as long as the hole is wet air can continue to get inside. Probably TMI.

We do now think it was a coyote that jumped our fence. The people who live behind us have an adult daughter who works at the pet store on base and she's had two customers, who live in our neighborhood, tell her their dogs were attacked by coyotes this week. One was a jack russell, the other I don't remember. One man had to chase the coyote off with a broom, and it had his dog in it's mouth.

To add to that, the daughter was standing on her back porch this morning at 1:30-ish and saw a coyote run between our houses. This just makes me sick to my stomach.

Bandit is feeling a little better, he's eaten and will jump up into my lap, where this morning he wouldn't hardly move. We're watching his wounds closely for infection. He's such a sweetie baby, and yes he's spoiled....that's what I got him for, to spoil. I would be just devastated if anything happened to him.

Husband commented tonight that we were thinking we needed a higher fence to keep Bandit in, but it looks like we need a higher one to keep danger out.

I got my bumblezee back today. It looks so nice. They completely detailed it inside and out and it has that wonderful new car smell to it. It's so nice to have it to drive. I hate the Monte Carlo I was given in the interim. It had no get up and go. Of course they also glitched my stereo and it took me forever to find the secret code for it.

Oh, and I've finished my paper! Happy, happy, joy, joy! I should be studying for tomorrow's math test instead of being here, but I wanted to make an update on what started out as a crappy day. I'm sure I'll be bonking pretty soon, since I've been awake since around 4 a.m.
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