Tuesday, May 10, 2005
The coyote strikes again
Yesterday when I got home from work, my new next door neighbor stopped me and thanked me for warning them about the coyote that attacked Bandit. I told her about it only because she is friends with the couple that live diagonally behind us, and they own a chihuahua. Late Sunday night/early Monday morning, the chi's dad had him out going potty, and the coyote jumped the fence into their yard.

This is really starting to tick me off, and I'm going to contact animal control and the game warden. I have no problem living with wild life and do understand that the base is a wildlife preserve, but when the wildlife starts jumping our fences and attacking our pets, something needs to be done.

These are Marines.....one of them is going to pull a loaded weapon and take care of the problem themselves, if someone of official capacity doesn't do something about it...or someone's wife!
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