Sunday, May 08, 2005
I am surviving!
First, Happy Mother's Day to all my mommie friends out there in blog land :)

Yesterday I turned in my final paper and gave a presentation on it. It was on whether a doctor has the right to refuse care to an unmarried woman because of his religious beliefs. I was specifically looking at artificial insemination in an unmarried woman in a same-sex relationship who filed discrimination charges against the doctor. The doctor had refused treatment to other unmarried women before, but this was the first lesbian woman he had refused treating. I learned more about artificial insemination that I ever care to know! LOL And for those who wonder I had to support my personal feelings on the matter with case law, not try to prove whether the doctor was right or wrong.

It was great sitting through all the presentations. We already knew what direction others were going since we had to talk about it throughout the term, but the final presentations were very informative. I was amazed at how many chose religious issues as their backgrounds.

One presentation had to do with the Endangered Species Act and she brought visual aids. A female red-something or other tarantula and a ferret (who pretended to be a black-footed ferret.) He was a doll and I enjoyed playing with him. He was borrowed from the Ferret Underground organization. Shhhhh don't tell anyone.

The professor also handed back the Legal Writing Memorandums, but she didn't have mine. She said that no-one who turned in a paper was going to fail the class, but that didn't decrease the amount of disappointment that I didn't get my paper back yet, especially since the class was over 6 weeks ago!

So, now that the heavy time sucking stuff is over, I can focus on having some fun. First up is starting on my office/craft room, stitching and catching up on my DVDs, but after I summarize the deposition that's due Tuesday ;)
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