Thursday, April 28, 2005
Just a litte catchup
Husband drove to Yuma yesterday to attend a graduation ceremony for someone who used to be a student of his. How strange it is that he's been a Marine long enough that those coming behind him are eligible to retire! He called last night to tell me he'd arrived safely and was waiting on the guy's wife and kids to arrive so they could all go out to dinner. Wish I was there.

I slept awful last night. I never sleep well when Husband leaves, at least not the first week or so. Thankfully he's only gone a couple of nights. Of course if he's gone a very long time, I never sleep well the first couple of weeks after he returns either! I get used to sleeping over the whole bed. What were you thinking????

I woke this morning to rain. Lots of it. My back patio is flooded. Hello, do I not live in southern California? You know it never rains in California, right? Wrong! Seems since we've moved here it's rained more than usual. The yard needs it, the water tables need it. The kids are bummed though because as hard as it's raining the runnoff into the ocean will keep them from surfing today. Bandit will be happy though since it's an excuse to stay in bed all day (like he needs one).

I'm taking my car in today to have it repaired from the rear-ending it got from that big old truck in February. Of course they're also going to tell me how much to repair the hit and run I received a couple of weeks ago at work. Stupid people.

Here's a nice cross-stitch freebie called Token of Affection Sampler. You'll need a color printer.

And in really trivial news, it's pedicure day.
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