Saturday, April 09, 2005
Making plans for the summer
I love making plans for things. I guess it's a hobby of mine. List maker me. This morning I updated my course due dates (except math). Now that I can see everything that is due, I'm a little less stressed and a lot more optimistic and whole lot more looking forward to summer.

I think I've already mentioned it, but I have plans to redecorate my stitching room/office. I've set up a 'plan' on the right side of my blog to give me some reminders of what I'm doing. I'm horrible at doing stuff like this, but I'm determined to quit freaking about it and start doing something. I've procastinated long enough. I'm going with beech wood and white metal (except on the desk, which is a pale grey silver color). The day bed I am planning to purchase will be the last thing added since I want to get the other things done first, to be sure a day bed won't cramp the room too much. We're in desperate need of a 'guest space' so I'm hoping it will work.

I'll be setting up a before, during and after space on my web page to help me see what I'm doing.

I also want to have a get together at my house late August before fall term starts back up. Man, that sure seems far into the future, but I know it'll be here before I know it. It takes me forever to plan something like this, so I'm starting now.

Then there's that vacation we want to take. We had planned on going to New Orleans, but DH has been informed work is sending him to New Orleans for a conference, so I may just send a shopping list with him and the two of us plan on going somewhere else. Hmmmm, wonder what Mesa AZ is like in early June?

And there's also the county fair. I'm entering Mirabilia's Spring Queen and The Silver Lining's Jackie's Purple Iris. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.
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