Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Guess What!!!!!



This morning DH received about 10 emails (back and forth kind) and the last one said that all bets were off and all orders changed. The colonel in charge of saying who goes where said end of discussion. DH would stay here, IDHAB Marine will go to N.O., etc. The more emails flew around and now we're to the point that DH is talking on the phone to Monitor Marine (who used to never answer DH's calls, or return them), who says he has the final say-so, and asked DH what he wanted to do.

DH told him he wants to stay here, but if that's not possible then he's going to Oki. He already has his ticket! Then Monitor Marine asked him about IDHAB Marine and the Marine that was trying to stab everyone in the back, and DH basically said that if IDHAB Marines is too 'hurt' to take a combat position, he needs to be out, and the other Marine can retire, since that's what he's threatened to do if he can't have his way.

IDHAB Marine has decided to pipe up. Remember, he hasn't been involved in any of this emailing crap. He is saying that he has to be near Balboa Hospital because of a fusion he had done to his neck awhile ago. Excuse me while I get insulted. If he's in New Orleans he'll be by LSU Medical Center which is one of the best medical schools in the world! He's also goes before the medical board next month and they're to determine if he stays in or is kicked out medically AND he's saying that he gets 6 months to do something else around that, but I can't remember what it is (sorry). Conveniently this is all around the time he's supposed to be promoted.

Monitors NEVER (rarely ever) ask another Marine what their opinion is unless something has happened. DH thinks he's going to stay here because of all this. I said I wasn't going to get excited about this, but too late.
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