Thursday, December 23, 2004
The morning after and the thoughts just keep crashing in
I didn't sleep well. I hate the turmoil of my dreams when my mind is busy.

Thank you everyone for your hugs and comments and emails. They are appreciated and a few have brought me to tears again.

We had our family meeting last night. Mom even called during and put in her 2 cents. Absolutely no way is DH to go to Cherry Point! Have to agree with her there.

A few of you don't know that we were in Japan for 6 years before we moved here 3 years ago. This is another reason we're in shock about the choices. We were just there and should not be returning this soon, except at our request.

Another thing we thought about was what it would do to our furniture to put it in storage. We have some antiques and some one of a kind pieces from Korea, Thailand and Japan and the storage facilities are not climate controlled. The antiques were in storage for 6 years while we were there the last time and we saw the damage. Some of them are still not completely back to 'normal.' Taking it with us is harmful too. They still owe me a piece of quarter inch bevel glass for my hutch I bought in Japan.

Anyway he's going to tell the monitor today that he wants a 2 year unaccompanied. (I cannot believe I just wrote that).

The plans for now are:

Get there, find out what the housing waiting list is like. Check with both schools to see what programs they're still offering. He's going to take my unofficial transcripts with him and work the schools for me. Once that's done we'll take it from there.

Today he's also going to call the person whose place he'll be taking to find out when he's expecting to return to the US so we'll have some idea when this is going to happen. He thinks April/May-ish. By then I'll know if I'll have completed my AA (Math, yuk!).

DS is NOT going to move out and he's promised to mow the yard while DH is gone. Even said he'd give me that in writing! LOL

I'm going to keep working and going to school and we'll see how things go. DH can always request his tour be changed to a 3 year and since he has the offer in writing he's going to use that as fuel.

He's also going to write the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps and let him know how upset he is over certain individuals dodging deployment their whole career, especially since said SgtMaj sent out an e-mail to all saying this was not going to happen on his watch. He's going to name names. What does he have to lose? Are they going to fire him? Hello, almost 24 years in and they'll just retire his butt and all this will be over. I have never seen DH so set on 'revenge' as I have now. He's truly ticked off.

And the list making has started over what DH should take with him and what needs to be taken care of here before he leaves.

Me, I just want to hit somebody, or break something, or scream. Crying didn't help. I did that for about 4 hours yesterday.
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