Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Gearing up for a new year
I’ve been reading over what my 2004 stitching goals were. Amazing how proficient I think I’m going to be and what an eye opener to see how thing actually turn out! LOL

My rotation followed a sharp turn in the road when I decided to StRIP away my stash. I’m glad I made this decision, and while I have set some 2005 goals for myself, they revolve around continuing to StRIP.

My main 2004 Goals were to finish Spring Queen, Dream Lovers, Crescent Dreams and Peace. I did finish Crescent Dreams and Dream Lovers, but put Peace aside for whenever and never made it back to Spring Queen. Spring Queen will carry over to 2005.

I still have all those long neglected WIPs, several generated by Guilt Free January 2003, but I don’t feel too badly about them languishing, since I do plan to eventually deal with them.

I’m still working on my final version for 2005 and will post that some time this week, but a sneak peek will show you I’m including learning some new things and picking back up some old:

Bent Creek 2003 Monthly Snapper Stitchalong
12 Christmas Ornament (to include ornament RR)
Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt
Crocheted afghan
Beaded scissor fob

I’m working on a cute ornament for the RR I’m in and hope to finish the stitching portion today, so I can add it to my 2004 finishes (which were lacking). I’ll be digging through my quilt fabric sometime today looking for some finishing fabric and seeing what I have in the way of Christmas fabrics for my tree skirt mentioned above.

In other news, it’s still pouring here. DS is thrilled with this since it means new snow on the mountains. I cannot believe my son is now into weather reports! LOL

DH has a pulled neck muscle and has my sympathy since I had one for about 3 weeks earlier this year.

Bandit is refusing to eat regular dog food and I’m worried about him since he has little body fat as it is. He got spoiled with over Thanksgiving having some turkey drippings added to his food. He’s gotten to the point where he wasn’t eating his food that way either, so we’re trying to get him back into his regular routine. He was salivating on DH’s leg last night waiting to lick his ice cream bowl.

I have a cut and color appointment this morning. It’s been since July 1 that I had the color done to my hair. The woman messed it up so badly that it’s taken me this long to find someone new.
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