Wednesday, December 22, 2004
5 hours later and I'm trying to organize the thoughts that keep flying through my head
DH has written the monitor and told him he wants to go to Okinawa Japan. It's a non-deployable billet. If he goes to Cherry Point, he'd probably be on the next plane out to Iraq. We have until tomorrow to let the monitor know if he'll be going for 2 years without me, or 3 years with me.

So what follows is my ramblings about it happening:

On one hand he wants me to stay here and finish school and continue working at a job I love; DS and I would be great support for each other (and DS would have a bed to sleep in if he lost his apartment); I could stay in housing. He knows the job requires traveling back and forth from there to the US for conferences, training, etc., and he could probably swing leave in conjunction with travel for free. LAX is just up the road. Two years living apart. Okay, it can be done, has been done before, but because it has been done before I know how awful it is. And I hate mowing the yard.

Okinawa Japan is a beautiful place where I would love to live again, but that would mean 3 years. My parents aren't getting any younger. The most I'd be able to come back to the US would be every 6 months if I'm lucky. University of Maryland is there, and the majority of my education is from there. It would be a great opportunity for me to get my BA if what I want to take is offered. Central Texas College had a paralegal certification program there the last time we were there, so I might be able to finish that part there. There are NO legal jobs for me there. Okay, there might be one, as a clerk for the Air Force.

Our cars. The motorcycle and both Beemers will be put into temp regulated storage and the taxpayers will pay for it. We'll purchase disposable cars when we get there. If I stay here his Beemer will be put in the garage, along with his bike, and that's the end of that. Every time he's been gone I've gone out and started his vehicles to keep them in good condition, but I don't think I can do this for 2 years. Sigh.

Typhoons ~ 5 - 10 a year. Okay, this can be a good thing. Everything shuts down during a typhoon and it's quality time for DH and I. Houses are built of cinder blocks so they don't get blown over. Flooding can be an issue, but we've been lucky in the past.

Thank goodness for ONSs since the only thing close to a LNS is the craft shop that used to be on the Air Force Base. They had DMC and when we left they were going to start carrying kreiniks. Aida only, but they have a great framing department and I learned to frame while I was there, so framing would be cheap, cheap, cheap.

Bandit. This might be a tough one because of housing. We don't know when housing would be available to us. It's easier if you don't have a pet, because they have apartment towers. We took a doberman and a retriever with us before, and brought them back, but we had housing waiting on us when we got there. BANDIT IS COMING WITH US OR I'M NOT GOING. Period. The. End. No. Discussion!!!

More to come.
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