Saturday, January 29, 2005
When great expectations don't come through
Husband had his LASIK yesterday! It turns out the doc only needed to do his left eye (he's left eye dominant) because his right eye was almost 20/20. Doc felt that his right eye would catch up to his left after a couple of weeks. This means he'll be getting almost half his money back. :)

It also means that things will be just a little out of focus for awhile until his right eye catches up. No problem, right?

I watched his surgery. I'm not a doctor room person. In fact, I get cold sweats when I have to take my dog to the vet (I've even fainted at the vet's before, but that was a looooooong time ago). So, while I was sitting there watching the overhead TV while they were operating on Husband I kept repeating to myself "discovery channel, discovery channel." The doc sitting there with me, who was explaining step by step what they were doing, was laughing at me. It really was funny. I got engrossed in what they were doing and forgot my squeemishness.

They did a couple of things different on Husband than they did on me. First, he got to hold a football, I got to hold a teddy bear :) (they don't want you moving your hands). Then they put a contact lense on his eye, on me they didn't. I was told this was done if the surgeon thinks your lense might try to move after the surgery. Ummm, okay. The paranoid person in me instantly whispered in my ear that there might be a problem.

Surgery over and Husband is disappointed. He was so looking forward to having crystal clear vision (as I did) immediately following the surgery. Instead everything is blurry, out of both eyes. We took him home and put him to bed and figured we'd worry about it today. I wrote my professor and told her I may miss class this morning due to having to drive Husband back for his follow-up appointment.

This morning, Husband admits to me that he's a bit freaked out that he cannot see clearly out of his "new" eye. I tried to reassure him that it's because of the contact, and I'm really hoping that is the case. He insisted on driving himself to the follow-up appointment so I wouldn't miss class. So instead of missing class because I'm with him, I'll probably remember very little of the lecture because my brain will be focused on worrying about what is going on with him, thus "missing" the class anyway.

I am such a worry-wart!

11:30 a.m. update

Husband is home from doctor and I'm home from school. The contact has been removed and he has 20/40 vision in his left eye. That's a LOT worse than I was expecting after the contact was removed. Doc is telling him it should improve over the next couple of weeks; however, he has an appointment with the surgeon next Friday, instead of a regular eye doctor. This is a small concern to me and makes me wonder if he's going to have to go back in. I'm keeping that thought to myself for now, though. Husband does say that he can see more details and can read smaller print, but things are still out of focus some.

We're told before we have the surgery and reminded afterwards that it can take up to 6 months for our eyes to heal completely. I had perfect vision the first week of my surgery, but the second week I had days when I felt like I wanted to put my glasses back on. I'm hoping it's just going to be opposite for Husband. I can't remember the last time I felt that way. It's been almost 7 months since I had mine done. The only time my eyes bother me now is when I cram too much computering, TV, reading and stitching into one day.
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