Thursday, January 20, 2005
What's that color for?
With an emphasis on the THAT! I cannot for the life of me figure out why I have so many duplicate skeins of some very strange colors: 10 each of 371, 372, 564, 722, 829 and 16 of 732. I also have 7-9 skeins each of 8 other colors.

I spent part of my morning "off" entering my DMC into my organized expressions program. I'm only entering what is in my stash, not pulled out and kitted up with my projects. I'll enter those as I get to the projects.

While I've been doing this, certain projects have been popping up in my head. When I got to the blues in the 700s I knew they were in Peacock Tapestry. The olives of the 300s and 700s are frequently used in L&L.

Totally unrelated, but but more dear to my heart. My Bandit has to go to the vet today. He has been yelping the past couple of days when touched under his right jaw. I called the vet and the earliest they could see him is this afternoon. I was thinking he was having tooth problems until this morning when I found a large knot under his skin. I'm worried about him and 2:40 seems like such a long time off.

Update on Bandit. The Vet said he could find nothing wrong with him and what I was feeling was a lymph gland. While I could not feel anything on the left side of Bandit (naturally I compared), the Vet found the left one and showed it to Husband. He said he could have had something caught in his teeth that has since dislodged or disolved, but he seems to be okay. He gave him his annual shots while he was there. My poor baby :(
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