Friday, January 21, 2005
I'm crawling again.
Not quite at the 'screeching halt' stage, but it's closer than I'd like.

Husband wrote Monitor Marine today and told him he was going to Japan. Monitor Marine wrote back and said "ok." Shall I hold my breath again? Husband says there's no need. He's already been contacted by his sponsor in Japan and has received information on where he'll be living. Next week he will go down to where he has to go down to (Traffic Management Office?) request a port call date. Today the property management office told me they need a copy of Husband's orders and a formal written request from us requesting Son and I be allowed to stay in our house while he's in Japan. They assured me this will not take very long to be approved. I want it done now in case some unforeseen problem arises and I have to move off base. I no longer trust anyone in this situation. Once bitten, twice shy and all that.

I stitched more than 50 hours this month. Zero in the last 4 days. The only stitching related activity I've participated in is I have all my DMC from my stash now entered in my organized expressions. This took no braincells and that's the only reason it was accomplished. I need to stitch! I have my next project sitting on my desk, next to my keyboard where I've looked at it every day. It just glares at me. Perhaps tomorrow or Sunday during football.

Speaking of football. I cannot believe there are only 2 more weekends left! What am I going to do between then and NASCAR? Am I even going to want to watch NASCAR with the changes that have been made? And for any fans out there, what do you think about them bring back alcohol sponsors?

Math homework has taken over my life. Formulas whirl in my brain. Graphs flash before my eyes. While I may be slow, I am understanding and trudging along. Tomorrow I start "learning" how to write, legally. Oh, joy. If I cannot do my research online with my work LexisNexis account, I'm in big trouble since the law library is only open during the week, and I only have Thursday that I don't have classes. I also have a Contemporary Legal Issues class tomorrow.

Bandit seems to be okay. No more whining or yelping and back to his getting into everything like a 2-year-old status. Stinker! Thank you so much everyone for you understanding, concern and hugs. :)
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