Thursday, January 27, 2005
Snap Decisions and Emotional Eating
I have to say, when Husband makes up his mind to do something nothing gets in his way. Monday he decided that he was going to go ahead and have LASIK surgery before he goes to Oki. Tuesday he has his pre-op appointment, including having his eyes dilated and driving himself home. His surgery is Friday. When I decided to go ahead with mine, I had 2 weeks to change my mind. I know part of the reason he's hurrying up to do it is so he'll have time to get the most important of his follow-up appointments done before he leaves, but part of me wonders if it's so he won't have time to talk himself out of it. The doctor allows spouses to watch, but he declined. I intend to watch him.

I asked him yesterday morning if he wanted to go out to dinner or for me to cook, since I had some errands that needed running and that would decide what I was cooking for dinner. He decided to not go out. Last night after I ran my errands I walked in the door to his talking about how tired he was and that we were going out to dinner. When I asked him when he decided this, he told me it was when he saw me walking up to the house. I was starving by the time dinner was served since it was late when we went, due to my running errands. I didn't complain because I know due to yesterday's events Husband was emotionally drained on top of physical fatigue because he's been training for a race.

This morning as Husband was walking out the door to work he told me he had decided to not go to work at all Friday and to stay home and do the yardwork and take care of a couple of things so he wouldn't have to worry about them this weekend after the LASIK. I just laughed and asked him when he decided this since last night and first thing after he woke this morning we had talked about the Marine Triathlon he was participating in Friday morning. He decided while he was in the shower.

This is a new trait in Husband. He's always been one of those who carefully thought things out taking forever to come to a decision. It sometimes drives me crazy, but it's who he was so I learned to deal with it.

I've also discovered that Husband is an emotional eater. We've been out to dinner more this past month or so than in a very long time. Normally we'd go out twice a month, but since all the you're-going-here/no-you're-not thing started we eat out a minimum of once a week, and most of the time twice and it's on those nights when he's come home to tell me another 'you're not going to believe' this thing.

I've never made a snap decision in my life! Nor am I an emotional eater. I'm just a person who's forever in denial.
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