Thursday, October 21, 2004
Almost an end to a rather mundane day for me. The only thing unusual about today is it didn't rain. We're to expect a two day reprive and then it'll start up again. A storm is coming down from Alaska. I tried to go to the post office on Wednesday but it was flooded and closed. They also closed down the college for the same reason, but I didn't have class on Wednesday. The only affect that had on my was my Business English professor could not prepare for the quiz she wanted to give us today. Oh darn!

I'm pulling out Oberlin Sampler's Louisiana tonight to see what needs to be done to complete it. I know I need to at least add a fish hook, but can't remember what else, if anything, since it's been so long since I looked at it. After I finish this I'll work on Spring Queen since I want to save Dream Lovers for the iris stitch along we're going to have on The Silver Lining BB. Plus I'm looking forward to using my new scroll rods since I need to start some heavy beading.

I am amazed at the response I've had to my poll. Thank you all! I've decided that I'll keep it going until tomorrow, and start my new design on Saturday after class. It is looking right now like it'll be Fairy Moon and I'm really excited. Several people mentioned the reason they voted for FM was because they were also stitching her and wanted to stitch with me. I love encouragement when I'm stitching.

Other than purchasing some floss I still have not started organizing for my ornament RR. I need to pull the fabric since I intend on serging it. Procrastinator that I am!
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