Wednesday, October 20, 2004
On blogging (and a bit about stitching)
Several stitching bloggers have posted recently how it's their one year anniversary for blogging. Mine was last month. Isn't it funny how this has caught on in the stitching world. It was an easy transition for me. I'd always tried to keep a paper journal, but never succeeded as I couldn't write as fast and I can type and I'd lose thought about what I wanted to put down.

Now that there's a computer journal I am in my element. I've always loved typing and am proud of the 90 wpm certificate I own. I always get shocked reactions when I tell someone I can type that fast. Why is that? Typing fast used to be one of the ways women could excell in the business world. Now with computers in practically every home you'd think everyone would be able to type fast, but that's not the case and I have a hard time understanding why.

I've always been told I could type fast because of the 10 years of piano lessons I took. Typing stayed with me, piano-ing has not. I know I could sit down and pick out the music, but I just don't do it, and I own a piano. It's one of those things that's on my playing the piano. I hope my life-list is not longer than my life!

Thank you to everyone who is voting on my next stitching project. I was shocked this morning when I went over to the Mirabilia BB and saw 50+ votes. I almost wish I had requested that you leave a comment here if you were voting over there so I could maybe get an idea where the votes were coming from....anyone reading this? LOL

Is anyone reading this? I borrowed this from my favorite acre but I notice it's also being used on a few other blogs.

Post a memory you have of me. Any memory at all. Then post this in your own blog if you want to see what others remember about you.
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