Saturday, October 23, 2004
Saturday's Strategy
Yawn! Couldn't sleep and got out of bed before the alarm even thought about going off. I think I'm just ready to get my day going. Son is forever asking us why we get up so early instead of sleeping in. I think it's because if I get up earlier I know I'll get to do more. More fun things as well as more obligation things. I get up earlier because it's quiet in the house. I can sit and stitch or read and think about things. Nothing important, just things.

Today I have an exam on Excel. I'm ready for it, too. I've practiced using it at work to track expenditures in a contract dispute we have gearing up. I've practiced it at home creating a spreadsheet (for my cross stitch rotation) with 14 pages that will total and move forward to a main sheet. Unfortunately she's planning on lecturing after the exam so I'll be there half the day today. I have a couple of errands I really should do on the way home, but I really want to get home fast because...

I'm starting Fairy Moon today! Woohoo! I had planned on getting myself organized last night, but Husband and I went out for coffee and a read after dinner and it was too late to drag it out when we got back.

I enjoy our little excursions to Barnes & Nobles. I did cave and buy the December JCS. There are some lovely samplers in there but I'm more interested in the ornaments. I normally stitch such huge designs but have found myself drawn to smaller ones lately.

I also purchased an introductory Pagan book last night. I'm fascinated by so many things I don't understand and Paganism is one of them. I love to read and have frequently read everything I can about something before I tried it out. Now, I'm not saying that I'm chucking all my Southern Baptist upbringing out the door and going Pagan, but I do want to know more about it. I truly believe there's a little bit of pagan in us all.

And one last thing. The population of a little world is about to expand by one. Congratulations, I'm thrilled for you :)
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