Friday, October 22, 2004
Changes in the wind
Every year around this time I feel like a change. It's usually my hair. So today I'm off to get a cut. I don't know if I'm brave enough to make a major change though. I'm still working on growing out the cut I got last fall. You know tons of layers back into one or two layers. My hair grows fast and the fact that I'm still growing out all those layers just hits home with how many I had! I'm also not happy with the color, still, from this past July so tomorrow I'll be getting a new color. Husband is the best color-er there is and he's cheap ;)

Baseball. Waaaaaaah.

And I'm making another change. There's a certain BB that has become so out of control that I'm no longer going to visit. There. Deleted from my bookmarks. Good riddance.

Friday Forum

1] Are you a spontaneous person, a planner, or somewhere in-between? Have you ever gone on a spur-of-the-moment road trip or vacation? When, and did you have fun?

I guess I’m somewhere inbetween. I do like to plan things out and would prefer it that way, but I know I’d miss out on a lot of great things if I didn’t go with the flow. The only spur-of-the-moment road trips I’ve had are the ones DH and I take up into the mountains or up the Pacific Coast Highway on days off and we always enjoy it because it’s relaxing for us and uninterrupted “us” time.

2] Are you a baseball fan, and do you plan to watch the World Series? Who do you think will win? Do you go to a lot of baseball games or mostly watch them on TV? What is your favorite baseball game food?

Am I a baseball fan? Does crying for an hour last night help to answer your questions. As of this moment I am not planning to watch the World Series because I don’t care for either team playing; however, I do enjoy baseball so will probably break down and watch some of it. I won’t be camping out in front of the TV like I had planned tho. Waaaaaah!

I don’t go to a lot of baseball games because I don’t have the time or the money so I mostly watch them on TV. I love hotdogs!

3] If someone gave you $25 right now and said that you had to spend it within the hour, what would you buy and why?

Well, I’m off to get my hair cut this morning, so I suppose it would go for that!

4] Name three things that you're looking forward to in the near future and why.

Thanksgiving (going to Disneyland, turkey!), the end of school term (a whole month with no classes) and Christmas (spending time with Husband, maybe even spending a whole hour with Son and more turkey!).

5] Do you know any foreign languages? Which ones? If you could become fluent in any language [writing and speaking it], which one would you pick and why?

Japanese! I’m not fluent tho, since I haven’t lived in Japan for 3 years. I would love to become fluent in it though. It’s a beautiful language, very soft spoken. It’s rare to find someone who speaks Japanese where I am.
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