Monday, April 03, 2006
My mother is right - and Part II of the check thing
I was somewhat chastised by my mom this morning. That’s something that hasn’t happened in so long that I cannot remember when it last happened. She was fussing at me for taking on so much that I’m stressing myself out. She’s worried about my health! LOL

It started by my telling her I felt like I failed my Contracts test on Thursday night. I’ve been in such a funk about it since I left the class that I’ve barely been able to function or concentrate on getting anything done. I also told her I had stitching obligations that I was ignoring because or this funk and that’s when she chastised me. In addition to reminding me that I’m stretched too thin, she also told me I was burned out.

And you know, I hate to admit this, but mother was right! I’m so overwhelmed by everything right now and can really use a breather and would love nothing more than to run home to mother and let her take care of me. My relationship with my mom has been strained for many years and just this past couple of years have we grown close. I could really use some mothering right now!

So I’m taking my mother’s wise advice and this coming weekend is going to be the beginning of “chilling out.” I’ve going to CATS Vegas and I’m not taking any classes, I’m not making any plans to be at any certain place at any certain time and if I feel like it, I’m going to do it or go there or whatever. If not, I won’t. I’m already planning to just sit and stitch the whole time I’m there.

When I get home, I’m going to finish up my one last stitching obligation and that’s it until school is in never have to go back over, not just end of term over. No more exchanges, or trades, only my RR, which for some reason I don’t feel “obligated” by. Depending on how I feel when I get back, that might mean that I stop trying to finish The Token in time for the fair. I’m absolutely loving every stitch of it and don’t want it tainted. I’ve already backed off from reading and posting at several BB’s and that’s made a huge difference. I’m now trying to decide if I want to quit some of my moderator duties on other forums.

I’d like to say I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I could handle working full-time and going to school three-quarter time, but I know I was thinking that I wouldn’t get a full-time job. It’s one of the many “be careful what you ask for” situations I’ve gotten myself into in the past, and I never learn! LOL

Give me strength to survive this!

Okay, I've received the bank documents and legal advice. The bank documents clearly show where she not only changed the date, but used her initials to make that change...DUH!

As to the legal advice, my old boss is such a wise person! LOL His first comment in response to my email was "Isn't there something about revenge being a dish best served cold that applies here? What are you still in this for?"

He has suggested that since I've received my money and feel the need to protect the general public I file a fraud complaint with the attorney general and contact the state licensing board. He also suggested that I call her and let her know what I'm going to do, but I do NOT want to talk to that woman. I have been thinking of taking his advice and just sending a copy of the letter I send to the attorney general and licensing board to her using my work address. I did talk to a former co-worker this weekend and she said she wasn't surprised A has done this and that she needs to be stopped from behaving the way she does with her clients and told me some other isssues she knows A has done, said, etc.
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