Wednesday, March 29, 2006
My eyes, my eyes! How can you live with that on your walls?
I have a great imagination when it comes to picturing myself living in this house or that one. I have mentally moved in, decorated, put in a pool and doggie door, cooked, entertained, you name it I've dreamt it. Hell, I can even smell the crawfish boiling and taste the beer that's washing them 'puppies down! But there is one obstacle in purchasing a house that I cannot imagine my way around no matter how hard I try.

I consider wall colors and wallpaper a personal choice, one you make because it goes with how you want your house to look for you. So, when you're trying to sell your house, you need to get rid of that personal touch and make your house more marketable to the next owner. I have been looking at some beautiful homes that have made me want to pack up my stash this very instant and move right in. That is until I see the wallpaper in the kitchens and masterbaths. Ugly, people! Gawdy and scarey! I cannot hit the back key fast enough. Every now and then I hear Husband say "yikes" over my shoulder. You want me to buy your house, then get rid of that stuff!

And before you say that I can rip it down and paint, I'm not going to pay T.H.A.T. much for a home that needs improvements. I want to walk in, switch on my OTT and get to stitching, not spend hours ripping down wallpaper that hurts so much to look at it that I might puke. Having said that I don't mind what color you've painted your walls, since I can slap some paint on in a minute, but the wallpaper has got to go!

I love house shopping! Wheeeee!
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