Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Aaaaah, the holidays!
It's that most wonderful time of the year. Classes are over. Christmas tree is up. Decoration boxes are piled high in the living room. Christmas shopping is over, except for stocking stuffers. Stitching time is in abundance. I have a sore throat.

Work is going okay. I'm still applying for jobs and am waiting to hear back from another one. I'm thinking of going to headhunters, but for some reason feel uncomfortable doing so. I am branching out though. There's a medical company looking for a legal assistant and it's quite close to where I live, so I think I'm going to apply for that job.

Oh, and I just about have Husband talked into looking at houses here. He has his list of "must haves" and I have my list of "must haves." His will buy us a $1.5 mil home. Mine won't. His aren't available back home. Mine are. We'll see.
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