Thursday, December 08, 2005
The good, the bad and the ugly
The good? I had a great week at work. I am so glad that I'm getting to work with D, now that she's gone full-time. We really get along well, have a lot of the same likes, and both share a HUGE dislike. We are constantly laughing about something and when Boss gets involved you can bet it's going to be good.

Some more good? I received phone calls for 2 interviews today. One at 9:30 and one at 11:00 tomorrow morning. One is a headhunter. The headhunter said she thinks she has something for me that's a better fit, than the position I contacted them about. Nervous? Youbetcha!

The bad. The HUGE dislike. We are both very tired of C. So is the woman in the other law office that shares our suite. I'm not going to get into it here, but D is even thinking of looking for another job because she's just about had it. She has got to be the bitterest person I've ever been around. We're sick of her male bashing, the same "life" stories she tells over and over and over and over, the horrible way she talks about some of her kids, the really nasty way she talks about the attorneys...sigh, lots. The problem D and I have is that we really like working for Boss. She knows I'm looking for another job (so does Boss) and said when I get relocated to please let her know if there's something out there for her! LOL

The ugly? It's ugly. I came home to my Bandit being hurt. He pulled a crystal glass off the cabinet on top of his foot and has split his little toe open. Husband got home first and tried to bandage him up but managed to get the bandage stuck on 2 toes. It's a mess. I have waivered all evening about taking him in for stitches, but I think if I could just get his 2 toes unstuck he'll be okay. As it is right now he's worrying it because of the bandaid and so it keeps bleeding. I haven't even begun to clean up all the lovely little droplets all over the floors :( It just hurts me so much that he's hurting and I'm hurting him more trying to remove the bandage. Husband feels awful too since he was trying to make it better, but made it worse. :( :( :(
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