Monday, October 03, 2005
I've entered a new phase of my life,
the one where I now need to worry about my parents (particularly my mom, right now) instead of my child.

My mom had an “episode” about 3 weeks ago.  Of course being a southern-bred woman an “episode” can be anything from a broken nail to death.  In her case it had to do with her heart racing.  She has taken medicine for this for years, but this time it would not slow down.  

She said it was a stress thing.  She’s had plenty to be stressed over the past couple of months.  A new job, then Katrina (and Aunty not being heard from for over a week) and then Rita’s eye passed over their home, and now she’s trying to catch up on work she missed out on because of both of those lovely ladies.

She has an appointment on Monday next for a hearth cath.  She’s had one before, about 3 years ago.  Seems this time though, the doctor have found a place in her heart that’s not receiving blood flow.  He doesn’t know if it’s from a too small vessel or a blockage.  The heart cath will answer that question for him and there on the spot he’ll decide to enlarge the vessel, implant a stint or laser a nerve.

I hate that anything is happening, but especially so because I’m so far away.  It’s also opened my eyes to the fact that both of my parents are, in fact, getting old.  My dad’s birthday is this week and he’ll be 70 and my mom is a couple of years younger.  They, especially mom, would be furious at me for labeling them old, but I have to face it, they are.

They both try to stay very active, both still work full time jobs they love (don’t need) and their yard is picture perfect since they both love to spend time in it.  

I’m afraid for my mom.  I need her to stay around for a few more years.  I’ve barely spent any time with her as an adult since I moved out on my own at 18 and out of state when I was 22, and I feel like she doesn’t know the adult me.  I have so been looking forward to spending time with her when we moved back, but now I worry she won’t be there when I get “home.”
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