Tuesday, October 04, 2005
I give up! You win!

For the first time in my education, I’ve allowed my feelings for a professor to taint the way I feel about a class.  I just dropped my Elder Law class.  A huge weight has been lifted in that I’ve not the icky feeling in my stomach that I normally get when I have to go to her class (tonight).  A huge weight has fallen on my shoulders in that I’m one more class further away from my degree, than closer to it.

It’s a shame really, since I have strong feelings about the way elders are treated, but I’m thankful in that the textbook is very informative, not state specific, and I plan on keeping it for future personal reference, as well as professional reference.  I’m also thankful that this was an elective.

Now I have to tell Husband and listen to him warn me that we may have to move and I may not get to finish my degree, etc., etc., etc.

Thank you for your hugs and prayers for my mom.  They’re much appreciated and I will update, as I know more.

I thought I was in a countdown mode where I could count the number of months, weeks I would be going home to stay, but since Husband has re-enlisted for 3 more years, I’m back to counting years.  I am planning on spending every “vacation” with them though, so Husband will have to deal with that since re-enlisting was 100% his decision this time and I told him I didn’t want him to.
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