Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Ramblings after a long weekend
I ended up having a 4-day weekend.  When I got back from picking Husband up from the airport on Friday, D called and told me to not bother coming in.  It was dead at work and only Boss, D and C were there and they were probably going to be leaving early.  A tiny bit of me is wondering if I’m going to show up today and be told not to bother coming back at all, and I’m fighting that monster.

I had purchased meat for carne asada thinking Husband wouldn’t want to eat out after eating out for a week, but he decided he needed Outback so we had an early supper and then we headed home to veg.

Saturday was spent catching up on my weekly “home blessing” and a couple of extra loads of laundry (bed linens), Husband mowed and weed whacked the lawn, and neither of us did much else.  Sunday we hit the grocery store then stayed home the rest of the day and I did his laundry from his week away and I stitched for 3 hours on my Linda Driskell Treasure Box.  Yesterday we finally headed out to town to do our errands, which were few.  Wal-Mart for me (a battery for my WW calculator, nightgown, robe, etc.); Best Buy for Husband (Sahara); and PetSmart for Bandit (greenies and cookies).  The rest of the day I spent reading Janet Evanovich’s Eleven on Top.  Husband went surfboard shopping (yep, he bought a second one!) and then killed people for the rest of the day.  

I filled up my car on Friday at $3.01.  On Sunday it was $3.27.  Sigh.

Interspersed with all this was a lot of TV watching, some crying, and a lot more discussion about what we can do to help.  Husband is supposed to talk to his unit today about going to Louisiana.  We talked to FIL this weekend and he told us what is being done in some of the places you don’t hear about on the major networks.  Shreveport and Bossier City have taken in about 50,000 people.  There are evacuees at Hersch Coliseum, Southern University-Shreveport, LSU-Shreveport, CenturyTel Center to name a few.  FIL’s church has volunteered to help a lot.  They recently took over a mall that was being closed and have 2 major restaurant facilities available for cooking, not to mention all the space available in a mall setting.  I did not talk to my parents this weekend, since I knew they were out of town in Missouri.

I have reading to do this morning for tonight’s Elder Law class and then I’m going to start on BC September Brings, since I’ve hit the 10-hour mark on Treasure Box.  I’d like to finish September Brings this week since I’ll be working on The Token next Saturday.  I will also be completely finished with my Quaker Quarterly Exchange (I bought some beautiful shell buttons on Saturday, too) and that will go in the mail this week.  I want to start on my Red Exchange next.

And one more “blog” thing.  To those of you who left comments.  Thank you.  I have been so angry and hurt by the comments being left on BBs by ignorant people who probably can’t even spell half the parishes in Louisiana, know nothing of the history of Louisiana or have probably only driven through that beautiful state on their way to Disneyland or Disney World (if that).  My opinion (vent warning):

  • This is NOT the time to be blaming people for what has happened.  There will be plenty of time later to sort that out.  Unless any of those responsible die they’ll be around to take whatever needs to be dished out later.  Besides, in a week or two you’ll have something else to complain about that our government isn’t doing the way you think it should be done.

  • To the lady in Texas who said she doesn’t want all those welfare people in Texas, I’m sure they don’t want to be there either.  Louisiana is still supporting them; so don’t worry about losing out on any of your precious retirement money.

  • No matter what money was cut from whatever program over the past year, that money would not have helped this situation.  It takes years and years to build up the levees (think 5-10 if not more) and by the time that project is finished it’s outdated and needs to be done again.  Only a very small part of it was originally built under sea level.  The land is sinking from well water usage and the need to dredge the river.

  • My husband is volunteering to go and help….is yours?   No?  Then quit whining about something that’s not affecting you except for the amount of money you’re spending on gas.

Vent over.

Have a great week.
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