Monday, April 18, 2005
The mundane wonderings of my brain
My weekend was wonderful, though it shouldn’t have been. Someone hit my car (again) at work on Friday afternoon. What is it with people who hit and run. Grrr. I do remember the type of vehicle (and it was a light color) that was parked next to me on that side and I intend to search for paint transfer on similar vehicles.

I didn’t do a durn thing about garage sale stuff. Husband worked on Son’s car almost all day (new filters, plugs, wires, etc.) and I really need his help to move stuff out of the room and onto the driveway. No bigger. To be honest I really need to wait until I’m out of school to worry about redecorating my office. I have to be in there so much for my coursework, and I know where everything is, even if it looks disheveled to someone else. Better to leave things as they are for now. Plus it gives me more time to pack neatly.

The bad thing about packing? It means fondling. And we all know where fondling leads - startitis. I’ve fought it off though it’s been a hard battle. I do have several things pulled out that I want to start, but I’m trying really hard to stick to my finish 3 start 1 plan.

I’m this[]close to finishing Chatelaine’s The Magnolia. I have about ½ of the beaded medallion in the bottom portion left to do. I have yet to decide what type of bellpull hardware to use, but I’m thinking of white and using the leftover pink silks to make a hanger and tassels for the sides. This design will be perfect for the decor I have planned for my room.

I did a ton of stitching this weekend. I needed it. I also caught up on the DVDs I’ve had sitting here forever. I watched all of The 10th Kingdom and the first CD of The 4400 (I missed it when it was on TV). Last night we watched Ocean’s 12. We saw this at the movies when it was released but enjoyed it so much decided to watch it again. I think it’s better than Ocean’s 11. So altogether I watched 5 DVDs this weekend. Next up in my Queue is the other 4400 CD, a couple of movies and the first two disks of Angel Season 5.

I received my appointment to register for Summer Term on Saturday. I’m trying to be strong in that arena too. No classes during summer. But Husband was home at lunch today and said he’s found a History class he needs to take offered on the base and it’s Monday and Wednesday evenings. If I were to take a class this summer, the one I’d take is being offered on Wednesday evenings. Hmmmmm, what to do. I really REALLY need a break, but it’s just one class, on the same night and Husband’s class. I have no idea how much homework would be involved. It’s an Alternative Resolution class and would be very beneficial and it would put me one step closer to my Paralegal degree. What to do?!?!?! I have until 8:30 p.m. on May 4 to make up my mind.
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