Saturday, April 16, 2005
Relaxin' Time
What a week! I had a test on Tuesday that I did horribly on. Come to find out so did almost every other person in my class, so the professor decided to re-test us on 3 of the problems on Friday. I ran out of time on the first test, and was given 5 minutes on the re-test. I scored a 100% on the re-test problems. Whew!

I also received a phonecall that my Spring Queen had been framed and was ready for pick-up. I am beyond thrilled to death with her. I don't even care if she wins anything at the fair now, because she's so beautiful! I am going to hate leaving her at the fairgrounds for almost a month! So without further adieu, here she is in all her glory (and special hugs and kisses to Husband, since he chose the mat and outer frame).

I also finished the WBRR this week. It'll be in Monday's mail, as well as the DMC JCS Ornament RR package and that almost ends my obligation stitching. I am more and more looking forward to summer off from school just to have more stitching time.

Speaking of which, I'm leaning toward taking 1 class during the summer. Husband is going to take one, so that means we won't be able to go anywhere during that time frame and I might as well take a class too. But if I do decide (and I'm still waffling every day) it will be 1 class at night so I'll still have my days off. Time will tell.

I'm going to be stitching on Chatelaine's The Magnolia for the rest of the weekend hoping to finish it off. I'm working on the bottom design. Then after that is finished I'll be back on my rotation, but probably including Mirabilia's Lady of the Flag so I can get her framed. Husband asked me what I was going to need framed next since he's rather proud of how his last choice came out. I have a long way to go on Lady of the Flag before she's ready for the framer though. I think I only have about 20 hours in her. I have a drawer full of other stuff that needs framing though so may pick out something from there for next month. Looks like I'm finally getting around to framing.

Off to stitch.
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