Thursday, February 24, 2005
I am the Bomb!
Just ask me! Really, I am! I bought Husband an iPod Shuffle for his birthday. It didn't get here until yesterday though, so it was a great surprise for him. iPod dancing abounds in my house now. It's not a pretty sight, but it is funny!

I haven't participated in any memes in a long time, but here's one that hits home right now!

Do you participate in round robins?

Yes, and I promise to never, never, NEVER do it again!

If so, how many have you participated in? Do you participate in more than
one at a time? Summarize your experiences (good and/or bad).

I'm currently in 2 RRs. One is the traditional type where you send fabric around to everyone and they stitch on it. You write out your directions and grid your fabric and away you go. Mine will probably be stuffed in a drawer upon its return, which really bothers me since I spent $50 on the fabric. The people who are stitching on my RR did not read the directions. When it was pointed out on the RR BB that the directions were not followed, and RR ringleaderr poo-poo'd "oh, but she'll have a pretty..." whatever! I'm so freakin' glad I didn't buy the bellpull hardware at the same time I purchased the fabric since I can't make the bellpull the way I had planned. And NOW I have to design a new border for it because the one I had charted out won't work, because PEOPLE DIDN'T READ THE DIRECTIONS! I will be so glad when this is over. Does that summarize my experience well enough for you?

The second RR is a non-traditional type and I'm enjoying it. It's an ornament RR and we are sending around all the supplies needed to stitch an ornament from the JCS magazine. At the time this RR started I could not afford all the fancy fibers and beads some of the ornaments called for and I found a great group of stitchers who were kind enough to join me in a plain old DMC exchange. I am so glad I found them because they have chosen ornaments that I would not have chosen myself and I like them! I would have missed out on these great additions to my tree.

These are not the only 2 RRs I've participated in. Many years ago when I was living in Japan I was a member of an e-mail group of 6 or so ladies. We had 2-3 RRs amongst us and they were great up until the last one. The group sort of fell apart then and I know a couple of ladies had a really hard time getting their pieces back.

I was also a member of a Shepherd's Bush RR with another group of ladies and our pieces disappeared. I never got mine back and that kind of soured me on RRs, which I guess is why I should have listened to my instincts and not joined the WBRR mentioned above.

If not, have you thought about it?

My promise to never, never, NEVER do it again is false. I will participate in another ornament RR in the future.
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