Friday, February 25, 2005
I'm very proud of my son
Every time the blood mobile is on the campus DS gives blood. He's O- and Red Cross is forever calling him and sending him post cards. He ignores those, but does give on campus regularly.

Time for a coursework reminder for me since I feel like I'm falling behind. I'll be doing homework this weekend instead of anything else...except laundry.

1. Math~ 3.3 and 3.4 (due Mon a.m.)

2. Civ Lit II~ Brief So Cal Gas Co v Public Utilities Commission (due Apr 5)~ Brief Mitchell v. Superior Court (due Apr 5)

3. Legal Writing (final Memorandum due Mar ?)~ Chap 8 citation re-do (due Feb 26)~ Chap 8 memorandum re-do (due Feb 26)~ Brief 4 cases (California law? Federal cases?) for Memorandum~ Points and Authorities~ Secondary Authorities (ALR, CJS, Periodical, etc.)

4. Contemporary Issues (final paper due May ?) find California and Federal cases
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