Monday, February 28, 2005
And we'll live happily ever after....

that is after we reject the reality.

Reality sucks folks. It's what makes us grownups. And who wants to be a grownup anyway? There's responsibility involved in being a grownup and who wants to be responsible? Unfortunately not everyone as exhibited in the stitching community this month. And if they can do it, then so can I!

I’m giving up being a responsible person. Today I have the chance to plan for next year. I will be fortified against the gremlins, trolls and time suckers of my life. Next year I will conquer the yuck that pervades the stitching world (okay, the BBs I visit). Next year I will be happy for 28 days in a row.

My husband will be home all month long. His phone won’t ring at 4 a.m. with some trouble one of his Marines has gotten into. See, even the Marines will be on their best behavior for me! War and conflict will be over by February 1. The military will offer Husband an early retirement and we’ll be planning our retirement future. I’ll find the perfect little white picket house in the perfect little white picket town. I’ll have the perfect little housekeeper and the perfect little chef since I’ll be busy at my new job that’s on the horizon. One interview and hired on the spot. They’ll be appreciative of all the angst and agony I’ve gone through trying to finish school.

My son will become a pro at surfing and snowboarding and be at my beck and call begging me to mow the lawn, wash my car, and his laundry will be washed, dried and folded instead of left in the washer or dryer like this year, when he’s not busy studying for his PhD in anthropology.

Bandit will continue to be Bandit, because he’s perfect already and he’s mommy’s precious angel!

There will be 36 hours in a day. 24 of those can be spent doing the inevitable since we’ll continue to eat and sleep and the other 12 will be spent stitching or chatting with friends on the phone and BBs.

And if you try to invade my happy world with your reality, then I’ll whip out my magic wand and POOF! you’re a frog!

So you better be nice to me or I won't be your friend anymore.

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