Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Update number whatever-and 1
Okay, I still haven't had time to write out my thoughts about General Mattis being honest about it being fun to shoot people. I have been studying! But I know I need to keep myself up to date with what's going on with Husband's orders and this is the best place to store my thoughts.

Yesterday Husband talked to Senior Select Marine on the phone. SSMarine told Husband that he has only met I-don't-have-any-balls (IDHAB) Marine once and said he really didn't know him. Husband told him he's worked with IDHAB Marine and IDHAB Marine is one of those people who's been in 29Palms for 15 of his 20 years in the Corps and he doesn't HAB! LOL What Husband has such a hard time with is that IDHAB Marine wants to go from one non-deployable unit to another non-deployable unit and again getting out of any work IDHAB Marine would probably really have a hard time in New Orleans since it's one of those places where you're gone ALL the time. They talked about a couple of other things that weren't important enough for me to remember.

Oh, Husband and his SgtMaj did find that IDHAB Marine is on limited duty and told this to SSMarine.

So, SSMarine sent out another email but this time only sent it to Colonel in Charge of Monitor Marine, Monitor Marine, Money Marine (financial advisor to Col in Charge), New Orleans Marine, Husband Marine. He more or less said that he noticed that the emails all started back in December as soon as the promotion board had let out. He had already talked to Colonel in Charge of Monitor Marine and it was his understanding that he would be either going to Headquarters Marine Corps or Cherry Point because there was already someone wanting to go to Okinawa (New Orleans Marine) and someone already at Camp Pendleton who wanted to go to MTSA (Husband Marine). With funding being as it is, why were they trying to send everyone somewhere else when they really only needed to send 2 people somewhere. New Orleans Marine to Okinawa and IDHAB Marine to New Orleans. They are both junior to Husband Marine and SSMarine. Oh and by the way if IDHAB Marine is medically non-deployable then why is he not being retired and why was he selected for promotion?

With this latest email going out Husband is now expecting Woman Marine to call him on the phone to try to get the scoop on what's going to happen. She's due orders really soon and with all the crap going down lately, she's probably going to get caught up in this. No telling who she's been sleeping with that has been keeping her somewhat abreast (pun intended) on what's going on. Husband has more or less followed her from one duty station to the next and has never heard a good thing about her. In fact he knows for a fact that she was thrown off the MEU because she was sleeping with some of the sailors on the ship and thought she was p.g. Everywhere Husband has gone that she's been he's heard rumors about her boyfriends. In other words sleeping her way to the top (or with the Top). Husband said he's going to tell her to mind her own business.

So this is where we are right now, waiting on a response to another email.

In happier news, all of Husband's Marines returned early today from Iraq.
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