Friday, February 04, 2005
If it weren't for bad luck
we'd have no luck at all! I swear whatever it is that someone thinks we did, we didn't do it! Please, please quit punishing us!

Where should I start? Husband's orders? Or me?

Let's start with me, since as far as I knew, it happened first.

Husband met me at work to drop something off to the attorney that's working on Son's problem. That's another long story that I don't even feel like getting into.

We decided to go for Mexican food at the restuarant just up the road. When I turned into the parking lot there was a young man on crutches waiting at the cross-walk. I noticed another vehicle in the oncoming lane stopped, so I stopped too so this guy could hobble across. I remember looking in my rear view mirror and seeing a truck stopped at the stop sign on the road into the parking lot.

The next thing I know I see this truck in my rear mirror and I'm thinking "it's going to stop, right?" It didn't. It didn't even slow down!

My little bumble-beemer was rear-ended by a humongously large dual cab, white and chrome, brand spanking new Dodge 1500 Hemi. My bumper is flared.

My witnesses? In the oncoming car was the security guy for the security company that guards the parking areas. The guy on crutches, a Marine who works for the military prosecutors on base. Could it be any better? Oh, and husband who was walking up the sidewalk and couldn't believe what he was seeing happen.

The Marine disappeared too fast, but I found him later in the same restuarant we were at and he was more than happy to share info with me. The truck driver, didn't let me see a license or an insurance card (but told me her license # and who her carrier was), so I just wrote down the VIN number on the temporary DMV sticker taped in her front windows since her truck is so new it doesn't even have plates on it yet!

She was more than happy to *tell* me she works at a company that repairs body work on vehicles. I was more than happy to *tell* her that I worked in a law office that specialized in personal injury and criminal cases (I left out the real estate, corporate and family stuff) and I gave her my work number. She didn't give any information to the security guy. The security guy and I made friends.

The Marine did stick around long enough to make sure I was okay while Husband was crawling around under my car to see if there was damage to keep me from driving.

So the first 30 minutes of my dinner out with Husband was spent talking on the phone to my insurance company. I really impressed them with the amount of information I had. Husband talked to them for a few minutes to find out what we needed to do, etc. then he gave me his news.

Bet you can't guess, even in a million years. Yep. It's happening still! Another e-mail sent out on a Friday, from the East Coast, so no one can answer, talk on the phone, whatever, until Monday morning. Senior Select Marine is mad because he got orders to New Orleans. This is what Husband thought (and hoped) would happen.

It's very interesting to note here that there are 2 people who no-one has heard from in all this back and forth e-mail stuff. One female Marine who is already an E9 but really due for orders and I-don't-have-any-balls Marine.

Senior Select Marine said in his e-mail (and I am NOT quoting) that he felt since he was senior he should have been asked FIRST where he wanted to go and then it should have gone down the line in order of seniority. Hello?!? Was this not mentioned before by Husband Marine? SSMarine also stated he wanted to know why I-don't-have-balls Marine got to choose first when he's junior to every other E9 in their field.

He also wrote up a list, in order of seniority, showing how *he* thought the orders should go. He put that I-don't-have-balls Marine should go to New Orleans, Husband Marine should stay here, and I don't remember the rest of it, because I'm so confused right now, I can't imagine you even trying to keep up anymore.

Husband copied the email to his SgtMaj and SgtMaj is going to pull up I-don't-have-balls Marine's info to see exactly what his injury is. After this Husband is going to send out an email to EVERYONE listing by name every single one of them that's been to war, plus the 3 who are trying to get orders to places they know are going to war in the near future (stating they're obviously not too cowardous to go) and ask, why is it that I-don't-have-balls Marine and Woman Marine are not being stationed somewhere where they have to go to war as the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps said was to happen.

So my joyous, oh boy it's Friday night and I don't have homework night has been ruined :(

I was going to write about our wonderful General Mattis (high-five to him) and his comments, but that'll just have to wait until tomorrow.
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