Saturday, February 19, 2005
It's pouring
I got my letter from the college today saying they accept my petition for graduation! It's in writing! I'm going to receive my first degree! If I pass math!

It's raining. Hard. The winds are high, there are tornado warnings on TV for a town outside one of our gates. Water is pouring out of the manhole cover holes and limbs are crashing down right in front of us. I am so glad my errands are over today and I can stay here in my nice dry home! And keep the water from coming in through the patio doors.

I bought a 2-drawer file cabinet today. I'm going to tackle my office and get it put in its proper place. I cannot stand it anymore, and am having trouble getting my work done because I have so much stacked on my desk and on the floor surrounding my desk. If we have an earthquake I'll be buried in stash and stuff.

Prepare yourself for a happy dance today. Even if it is a small one ;)
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