Saturday, February 12, 2005
The first panic attack of the term
I have so much homework! I have so much that I don't know where to start! I have so much that I'm panicing about not having enough time to do it in. I have so much homework that I'm wondering when my laundry is going to get done. I have so much homework that I'm planning on getting up at 5 a.m. every day this week and not going to bed until 11 p.m. so I'll have 2 more hours in my day. Sometime in there I have to go to the law library to pull secondary authorities, and I only have 1 morning a week that the library is open that I don't have to be in class! I have so much homework!

So bear with me while I work on my list, and maybe put in it my sidebar.

1. Math
~ 2.3 all odd problems (due Mon a.m.)

2. Civ Lit II
~ Answer Complaint (due Tues p.m.)
~ Brief So Cal Gas Co v Public Utilities Commission (due Apr 5)
~ Brief Mitchell v. Superior Court (due Apr 5)

3. Legal Writing (final Memorandum due Mar ?)
~ Chap 8 citation re-do (due Feb 26)
~ Chap 8 memorandum re-do (due Feb 26)
~ Brief 4 cases (California law? Federal cases?) for Memorandum
~ Points and Authorities
~ Secondary Authorities (ALR, CJS, Periodical, etc.)

4. Contemporary Issues (final paper due May ?)
~ decide topic (due Feb 26)
~ format legal question (Is there a discrimination case when a doctor refuses to perform artificial insemination on a gay woman due to religious beliefs, but offers to refer to another clinic that will perform the procedure and off to pay the costs of such procedure.)
~ find California and Federal cases

And one more thing!

Where are all the girl scouts? I know cookies sales are going on, but there have been no scouts at our house! I even went online to find a local cookie "dealer" but nothing in our area.

I need thin mints! Right now!
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