Thursday, February 17, 2005
April 24
Let the weeping and wailing begin. He has a flight date.

Seems some behind the scenes backstabbing has been going on from Senior Select Marine. I'm too tired to be unladylike but let me tell ya...

SS Marine has been trying to get Husband and everyone else sent to New Orleans. He's been trying to stay at his reserve unit (where they no longer rate him). In October there will be money for the job he wants on the east coast and he has been sucking on something that belongs to Colonel Marine trying to slide into that job...okay, I said I wasn't going to talk that way. The other person he's been trying to get sent to NO is Okinawa Marine, who Husband is replacing. Okinawa Marine is supposed to be going to Miramar because Miramar Marine is retiring. In fact, as of last week Okinawa Marine was TOLD he was going to New Orleans. His emails and phonecalls have been ignored, which is rather easy to do when someone is on the other side of the world from you. And then there's New Orleans Marine, who wants to go to where SS Marine is. SSMarine has been trying to get HIM sent to Miramar....and oh Lord I'm so tired of all this!

Anyway there's some conference going on where he is and New Orleans Marine is there too. SS Marine has ticked people off. Monitor Marine sent out an email today saying, no I have not been ignoring you and you are going to New Orleans. Suck. It. Up. He also implied that SSMarine threatened to retire if he received orders to New Orleans. Monitor Marine said if you're going to do that then please tell me so I can flag you. Sounds like a "Bite.Me." to me!

So Husband went down today and made sure he was in the computer and has a flight date. Tomorrow he's going to get the ticket in his hot little hand. He's on vacation 3 weeks prior to leaving. I'm going to play hookie from school (whoohoo, 1 day) and he and I are going to run away from home the weekend before he leaves.

April 24. Weep. Wail.

P.S. Long weekend starting tomorrow. Why am I not surprised this happened today!
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