Thursday, February 17, 2005
I'm too old and out of shape!
to be a wife and a mom and an employee and a college student!

I'm sitting here surfing around 6 volumes of the law school editions of Civil Trials and Evidence and Civil Procedure Before Trial (they're stacked higher than a 12" ruler. I checked). I need to order a copy of California Evidence Code. Now that'll be 7 volumes. I also have a textbook and all of my notes in a binder. So now there's 9 books. For one class. Our exams are open notes/books if they're in class (which I prefer) and the professor told us this past Tuesday that we would need these for the upcoming test. How in the world am I supposed to tote 9 "books" to class? The vision of a pack mule with saddle bags slung over comes to mind.

Remember my cutting back on caffeine last year? I was so proud of myself. I wasn't even drinking a full cup of coffee and it was rare when I had iced tea, which is saying a lot for this sourthern girl. Well folks, I'm back up to 2 cups most mornings and am drinking it in the evening, which I wasn't doing before, and I'm craving iced tea like crazy. I expect to be treated for the DTs after this term.

And my wardrobe? I'm wearing the same things over and over and over because I haven't had time to go shopping for new clothes. And Gasp! Horror! Say it isn't true. Faint! this purse fiend hasn't switched purses since Christmas!

I have puffy bags under my eyes and I'm beginning to look my age. All my exercise plans have gone down the toilet. I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning that I should have made a month ago. Shall we talk about my nails? Or lack thereof? I can't remember the last time I had a pedicure. I'm supposed to be spoiled! I'm maintaining my sanity. Barely. I stitch. Oh, and I still haven't had to take out any student loans.

I hereby swear to never do this to myself again. Remind me, okay?

I have 5 blessed days of no classes. Thank you Presidents Lincoln and Washington!
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