Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Is it really Wednesday?
Wow, this week is flying by! Two more sleeps and a well needed vacation. Tired of hearing about it yet? I have grandiose plans. I'm going to clean my house, cook a bunch on Christmas Eve and do a whole lot of nothing but stitching during the next week. Oh, and get my hair done next Wednesday. Exciting stuff.

DH and I failed miserably last night in our quest for cookie tins. I hit 3 stores and found none. But I didn't come home empty handed. I went to Tuesday Mornings and hit their 50% off Christmas sale. I bought 2 rolls of silver wrapping paper (for next year) and 5 feather Christmas Trees. They're made out of pheasant feathers and are beautiful! I've had to hide them because Bandit thinks I brought home some critters and he's been trying to eat them! I knew he'd be intrigued when I purchased them and I have a whole year to figure out where and how to display them and keep them away from him.

After our shopping excursion we went to B&N for coffee and dessert. I was starving since we left the house as soon as I got home from work and I didn't eat and DH wasn't hungry because he had a late lunch at Chili's. Seems the guys were going shopping, but never made it past Sports Authority and Best Buy. Typical! I did manage to sneak into the music department and purchase a gift-card for DH's stocking without him even knowing! Yeah me!

Oh, and I cannot believe I haven't mentioned this! DH got his written orders. We're staying here!!!!! He has to report by January 2 and we're both a bit bumbed about that because it means he won't be able to take next week off with me. More "me" time, but dang.

He's also trying to talk himself in to re-enlisting NOW since he's under a year from his EAS and then selling back a month's worth of leave and buying himself a used truck type vehicle to haul surf boards and skis in. Wait, let me roll my eyes. We already have 3 vehicles and a motorcycle. I don't think there's any room to park another vehicle out front! He's also talking about us moving out into town again when he actually gets promoted and gets the raise to go with it. Sigh.

I'm registered for next term. 4 classes. Legal Writing, Legal Research II, Civil Litigation II and Intermediate Algebra (of which you'll be reading lots of whining). I thought about taking a 5th but I'm so horrid at math that I don't want to overload myself since I know I'll have to be practicing a lot to get a "C."

Stitching??? Nope. But I did start making notes of what I'd like to accomplish in 2005. Right now I'm hoping to stitch one Christmas Ornament a month (to include the ornament RR I'm in) and to stitch the Bent Creek Snappers each month. I also plan to organize my Freebies in a binder and alphabetize them by Designer. That's about as far as my 2005 plans have gone.

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