Monday, December 20, 2004
Don't tell anyone, but
I stitched yesterday! Woohoo! I started a humbug last night. It's all finished except the stuffing part and attaching a tassel. That'll happen this morning. I'll share a picture tomorrow.

I received a beautiful box for a gift exchange and I'm going to put my hand stitched ornaments in there for storage. I'm hunting for a pre-lit 4 ft tree to decorate next year. I've found the filament lit ones, but I don't really like those. I'm in an ornament RR so I'm hoping to have at least 6 ornaments made this year plus I already have 3 or 4 from previous years. I'm trying to figure out something to make for the top of the tree and if anyone reading this has suggestions please point me in that direction :)

How appropriate this week's SQOTW is!

Besides framing, what other ways do you finish your cross-stitch pieces?

I have needlerolls, a smallish pillow, a couple of bellpulls and ornaments! I want to learn to made a flatfold and a box in 2005.

Last but not least, my last day of school was this past Saturday. Yay, would be an understatement. DH's unit Christmas party was also Saturday so I went straight from school to pick up DH and headed to the party. It was another one of those that I didn't want to attend but in the end I'm so happy that I did because it brought aches to my arches, joy to my heart and a great night's rest.

The Sojourner's adopted our unit this year and we had so many toys from Santa that the children were actually saying they didn't want anymore. All the toys were delived to DH's unit on Thursday and the Marines spent ALL DAY Friday wrapping them and categorizing them by age. We had 2 full trash bags full of stuffed animals too! When Santa and Mrs. Clause decided that they would mingle (after lap-time of course) I started handing out the stuffed animals. I had a blast! You know how you see a little girl and know just the perfect animal for her! LOL

After the toys were gone I walked into the serving area and was shocked at the mess left behind. The food was paid for by our unit but a restaurant volunteered to cook everything and delivered it hot. We had to clean up all the catering equipment before they returned and I took over. I put my "wife" hat on and delegated the heck out of the remaining Marines. We had that place cleaned in an hour, right down to a mopped floor.

We had several families not show up and those that did benefitted from it. The ones who did not just put in a token appearance left with medium sized bags of toys for their kids, and leftovers galore. I ended up with 4 stuffed toys for Bandit (he got a kitty, lion, alligator and bunny) a tray of deli sandwiches, 2 packages of sliced baked ham, 1 of turkey, enough lettuce to have salads for a week for 10 people and the grape tomatoes to go with it, and I took nothing home compared to others! LOL

We ended up with 2 whole cooked turkeys that didn't get carved and those were donated to a couple of needy families. We also sent food back to the unit that the guys can graze on this week. I was exhausted when we got home, since it had been a looooong day for me, but it was the best I had felt in a very long time. It was what I needed to put my in the Christmas spirit.

This week, every day before work, I plan on cooking goodies. This morning it's chex mix for DH. Tomorrow rice crispie treats (which I've never made) and fudge.

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