Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Hunting for that Christmas Spirit
What happened! I just knew I'd found the Christmas Spirit after DH's party, but I guess I was wrong. I feel all scroogie. DH and I went to the mall last night and I caught myself complaining a lot about rude people shoving past us. I kept my mouth shut after the umteenth time when I realized what I was doing. We were on the hunt for some thermal underwear for DS to wear with his snowboarding stuff. Found it and some towels at JCPenneys.

I did get started on DH's presents today and was shocked at how little I got accomplished. He loves scotch (when he drinks) and I bought him a good bottle of scotch, and Michael's had their album frames on sale, so I bought him 4 of those. I still need to get him my favorite cologne, and I want to find a really good BBQ set to put in his stocking. He wants a surf board, but I don't think it'd fit in my car ;p so he's getting an IOU for that. Besides the ones I like have purple flowers or dolphins on them and I don't think that would go over very well.

I just knew I'd be stitching up a storm by now since I don't have homework, but that hasn't happened either. I didn't get the humbug I'm working on finished because of last night's shopping trip and I didn't feel like stitching this morning.

On the holiday cooking front, I did manage to burn a butter/sugar mixture instead of turn it into fudge. DS called me at work to ask me what it was. He was loading the dishwasher and wanted to know if it was something I wanted to keep. I told him I'd reward him if he could figure out how to get it out of the bowl, without ruining the bowl. It's still in the bowl. I guess tonight I'll have to see if I can heat it up and get it out. Yum.

Tonight DH and I are back out on the streets. I need to go to the dollar store to look for cookie and cake tins and I want to go to walley world to see what kind of small trees they have. I really REALLY want to find a 3 ft tree to decorate with xstitched ornaments. I wonder if it would be okay to leave it out all year?
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