Tuesday, September 21, 2004
I feel like I've been group hugged!
Thank you all for your comments on yesterday's blog. I was really feeling quite down as I wrote it. I bounce between feeling sorry for myself at having to give up niceties and being mad at myself for the mess I've worked my way into. I need all the support I can get, 'cause I know I'm going to be faced with some very weak moments, especially in the stitching arena. There are so many enablers out there (I've been one myself) and it's human nature to want to play along with the rest and shop, shop, shop! Right after I posted my blog I caught myself talking about buying ornament cuts from Silkweavers! Hello!

I've signed up to participate in an ornament RR, but I'm going to choose something that I can glean the supplies from my stash. I had already chosen Peace Tree but since it requires a star, I'm going to not do that as the RR since I'd have to spend money. I will look for two or three more that I know I have supplies for. Please help me stick to my guns!!

Last night I spent the time between class and going to bed taking my nails off and this morning my fingers are sore. I'll survive. Reminder to self - I'm a survivor!

Yes, I edited something out of my blog for personal reasons.

And to get my day going on the right foot - my curling iron broke this morning. Sigh.
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