Sunday, September 19, 2004
Is that fall in the air?
Gasp! It was cold this morning. Okay not 'cold' but it is still just 66 degrees and it's 10:30. What a change this is after the past 2 weeks. I know SoCal doesn't get real seasons, but it's sure nice to not wake up sweaty! Who know, maybe we can have chili next weekend!

I started stitching my buggie for the WBRR. I love the fabric this person chose. I had to order some BF tho, since I couldn't find the colors I needed. I also bought the JCS Christmas Ornament book this weekend. I am so in love with Peace Tree by M Designs. I'm going to stitch it for our tree this year. I really need to start stitching some of the ornaments I have. The only stitched ornaments on our tree are ones given to me in exchanges. Isn't that sad?!?

Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19!
What Pirate do YOU Talk Like?

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